High-Traffic Area Flooring Options

When you take inventory of the things that go into making a house a home, flooring is one of those that make the largest impact aesthetically and financially. Because of this you want your flooring to look as good as possible as long as possible which can prove difficult in high-traffic areas. This simple solution to this conundrum is durable flooring materials.

When choosing flooring for you home, durability isn’t likely one of the criteria that you give much thought to. Most people have a certain look they want that fits their personality and décor. But, it doesn’t have to be all about looks and in high traffic areas you really need to add durability to the equation. Lastly, unless you have an unlimited budget, there is the financial piece to consider.

Here is a sampling of flooring products that can accomplish all of your goals, aesthetics, durability, practicality and budget.

Hardwood flooring

At first glance, hardwood flooring might not seem like a practical solution. While it tends to scratch easier than some flooring types, it delivers unprecedented performance and life. Additionally, it is very versatile, goes just about any decorating scheme. Hardwood flooring is the “go to” choice of many for high-traffic areas because it is easily integrated into the aesthetics of a home with multiple flooring types. When it comes to timelessness and beauty, nothing beats hardwood.

Laminate flooring

If you are on a budget and want something super durable for your high-traffic areas, there is no better choice than laminate flooring. Compared to wood flooring it is very affordable as well. Another advantage of laminate flooring is there is a huge selection of appearance options. When choosing laminate flooring for a high-traffic area, make sure it is coated with a high-wear layer of melamine resin.

Natural stone

If you have a larger budget for you high-traffic flooring project, natural stone is an option. Typically people steer away from this type of flooring because it is very pricey and the installations costs can be high. But, as far as durability is concerned, there is nothing that can match stone flooring and if you are looking for a very distinctive look, natural stone is the way to go. One of the big benefits to natural stone is every piece is unique. If you want your high-traffic areas to “wow” visitors, using this type of flooring offers unprecedented elegance and sophistication. More importantly, stone flooring is known for lasting forever. When using stone floors, you will have to replace the rest of your house long before you ever have to replace your floors. And, if you are really wanting to add value to your home, look no further than natural stone.

Tile flooring

Tile flooring seems to be losing favor as a choice among homeowners. For some reason it has gotten the stigma of being outdated. The reality is, nothing could be further from the truth. Tile flooring has been in use for over 5,000 years and has stood the test of time. Not to mention, there are literally millions of choices when it comes to tile and tile combinations. If you are looking to add durability to your high-traffic areas, you should take a close look at tile flooring. Within the tile-flooring family, ceramic tiles are a great choice and are versatile enough to be applied in any room in the house. If you durability is your number one concern, ceramic tiles are generally more permanent than wood flooring. In the tile category, porcelain should also be considered as an option as it can endure the heaviest of traffic and use.