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Tribute page


I'm really thinking that the best way to handle the tribute to Robert is by linking to an external site from the footer of this site. Below are 2 examples of sites that use free services for this purpose.

Example from "Much Loved"
Example from "Never Gone"

Another option is to a wordpress website. Wordpress started out as primarily a blogging tool, but it has grown into a platform for folks to create websites that are much more than just blogs. The link below is to a wordpress site that someone has setup as a memorial (there are tons of themes so it wouldn't necessarily have to look just like this).

Example from wordpress

Take a look and let me know what you think. There are obviously other options out there as well outside of the examples I've listed below, but these will give you and the site visitors the ability to interact with the memorial page (guestbook, you posting additional photos if you'd like, etc). and wouldn't necessitate any changes to your site.