The Right Flooring for Your Lifestyle

Flooring is a big purchase and in most cases there are things to consider that go beyond look and style.

Flooring is a big purchase and in most cases there are things to consider that go beyond look and style. This is difficult for many people because aesthetics are so important when it comes to making your house a home - everyone wants their personality to show in every aspect of their home. However, flooring is one of those things that is both functional and visually important. Therefore, before making your flooring purchase, make sure it works with your lifestyle.

Are you a pet lover?

Pets can create havoc for your flooring especially if you have large or multiple animals. While hardwood flooring may be what you desire, you may find that having pets is not conducive to the finish of most hardwoods. If you want a hardwood look without the worry of your pets damaging it, you may want to consider vinyl or a laminate flooring option. These floors are more durable and hold up to heavy pet activity. Luxury vinyl tile (LVT), sheet vinyl and laminate floors come in many colors and styles including popular looks like distressed, wire brushed and rustic wood. This is an excellent way to get the look that you want and the durability that you need.

Are there children at home?

Along with pets, children can be very hard on flooring as you have probably already discovered. If your child is very active their sporting equipment can cause a heavy amount of wear and tear and all kids will track mud and dirt into the house from time to time. If you have a mudroom or another area of the house that is especially susceptible to high activity, you may want to consider a flooring product that is waterproof or water resistant. This is a perfect option for the entire house if you have an especially active family. Vinyl plank is as durable as it is beautiful and it will endure the rigors of a high traffic family. Additionally, these floors are easy to clean and maintain and come in a large range of styles and colors including realistic wood, stone and tile patterns that will bring a smile to your face.

Are there allergies in the family?

If you have a family member that has allergies, you may want to stay away from carpet because of the residue that tends to collect in the fibers. Hard surfaces are a better choice for someone with allergies so look into hardwood, vinyl and laminate because of their ease of cleaning. If cleaned regularly you will find these products are not prone to dust mites or mold.

These are just a few of the lifestyle things that should be considered when shopping for flooring. Aesthetics are important, no doubt, but you don’t want to be replacing your flooring prematurely because you didn’t consider the activity that your floors will have to endure. Whatever your lifestyle, Majestic Floor Covering has the perfect flooring solution for you. Before your make your flooring purchase, make sure you stop by our Randleman showroom and talk with one of our flooring professionals. You will be happy you did.